Nolan Piper - QuickMetric


Handle common US - Metric conversions with speed and convenience. Features a 100+ line review screen -- rapidly enter several conversions and then view them together. Edit and save lists. Cut-copy-paste compatible.

With a distilled selection of popular US - metric units and a large keypad, QuickMetric makes conversion calculations quick and easy. If the units conversion is not shown on the single selection screen (see 2nd screen shot), it is not available -- there are no lists to scroll through.

This app is extremely quick and easy to use.

What's New:

1. Revised list view: 100+ lines, edit and save; compatible with cut-copy-paste.

2. Input common fractions for US units.

The next two web page tabs “QM Guide” and “QM Units” give application details.

Thank you for your interest in this software.



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